Thursday, September 11, 2014

Chic Shopping Paris Limited Edition Fall Tour- September 26- October 5th Only!

Attention Antiques Lovers:  Chic Shopping Paris is offering a limited-edition tour of the charming Chatou flea market and ham fair.  Join us for a half day tour of this treasure trove of French antiques. Looking for furniture or artwork?  Or "smalls" such as doll clothes, buttons, toys, clothes, dishes, etc?  This is the place.  Set on the charming Ile de Chatou in the Seine, outside of Paris, many famous Impressionsts once painted here.  Enjoy a day outside of the city at this quaint market.  Contact us for availability between September 26th and October 5th, 2014.   

Friday, June 20, 2014

Street of Dreams

Chic Shopping guide Wendy spotted this cute leather pochette [and yellow purse!] out and about on a recent tour.  We are all suckers for cute items with Frenchie writing, and I love that this looks like a Parisian street sign.  Check it out at Kesslord [French brand with a very un-French name!] on rue de Sevigne.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

French Summer Style

You can't beat a fresh cabas [tote bag] and some new espadrilles for
some instant French style.  Chic Shopping Paris faves below....

Mellow Yellow, 99 euros

Nina des Criquets, 117 euros

Monoprix, 39.90 euros

Zara, gold espadrilles, $69

Asos, $89.55

Thursday, April 10, 2014

French for the tips of your toes

Chic Shopping guide Wendy spotted these adorable French quote slippers at Fragonard on a recent shopping tour.  What a great souvenir, n'est-ce pas?   The top pair says "Yes, No," bottom pair says "And why?  Because." Available at Fragonard.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Learning Les Arts de la Table

If you've ever had the chance to have a drink or stay the night at the Four Seasons George V in Paris, you have witnessed the spectacular blooms of Jeff Leatham.  American floral designer to the stars, Leatham uses over 12,000 blooms in amazing floral decorations all over the hotel.  And now you can learn from the master in a two hour course.  The catch?
The course is only open to clients of the hotel or of Le Cinq restaurant.

And if you are interested in setting a beautiful table a la francaise, you can sign up for a class in a Paris atelier to learn from the duo that creates special events all over Paris.
JFC Style Hertiage Designers, 1 rue Portefoin, 3rd

Monday, April 07, 2014

La Chambre aux Confitures

Nothing beats an amazing jam with butter on a fresh is also a great gift to take home to those who didn't get to come to Paris!  La Chambre aux Confitures has something for every taste- rasberry & violet, banana & chocolate, salted caramel, and jams to match up with foie gras or cheese.  A lovely selection products, made with quality as the gourmet products of long ago.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Dessance: A new Dessert Bar in the Marais

A new dessert bar has popped up in the Marais.  Dessance is the name, a mix of the words dessert and naissance [birth], and the pastry chefs behind this cafe invite you to try their "innovative, light & addictive" new pastry creations.  Modeled after a proper restaurant, you are invited to try a tasting menu of sweets, with matching wines or champagne.

Imaginative Eats in the Marais

If you haven't been to the upper Marais for a meal, it might be time.  Interesting new restaurants are popping up overnight in the area.  Le Mary Celeste, above, is named after a 19th century ghost ship, and serves up rare oysters and small plates that change daily.  Recently opened by the team that owns Candeleria, seafood lovers can't go wrong.

Table Ronde is designed as a place for exchanging ideas about gastronomy.  Each month, 18 diners are invited to take part in unique meals prepared by 4 or 5 guest chefs.  Check the schedule and sign up online to try your hand at a getting a coveted spot at the table.