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Friday, January 21, 2005

hermes: the sale

during the 'soldes' in paris, several big brands have off-site locations. one of the most infamous is hermes, held in an old theater [salle graveau] on rue de la boetie. it is only slightly advertised in french newspapers, so those in the know know to call the store on fbg st honore before the sales start to get the special sale dates. this year it is a week long, from the 17th to the 21st of january.

upon entering the sale, you are asked if you are wearing any hermes merchandise, which is duly noted on a little card that you are given. you are also handed another card, which, in no less than 4 languages, tells you that it is strictly forbidden to resell hermes sale merch and that all sale items carry an identifiying "S" mark.

this is a serious sale, and by this i mean that you had better have your elbows out, ready to push and shove your way to your chosen item or items. prices are pretty good-- the classic twill carre scarves which are about 250 euros in the stores are 135 euros at the sale. [some of the models sold this year can be seen on ebay for $500+!] ties are 63 euros and great leather cuff bracelets run from about 90 euros up. what else is there? everything from pret-a-porter to beach towels to shoes and belts.

but the focus is on scarves, scarves, scarves. to do the scarves justice, one must move around the giant square counter, looking at nearly every pattern, unfolding it, throwing it back, and asking the person next to you to change places with you so that you may move on down the line. looking for something specific or love the scarf that just got snatched by the lady next to you? ask the sales ladies-- they will search the piles for you and even make suggestions. another tip: if you are a big fan or if you can't find what you want on one day, go back. they put out new merch everyday, so try, try again!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like bliss! Oh why, why am I going to Paris in June, rather than January??

Anonymous said...

my dears the ONLY time to shop in Paris is the very end of aout! everything is 75 to 90% off the last few days of juillet before all the best shops close for aout!

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