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Thursday, February 24, 2005

"leche vitrine"-- a favorite pasttime

leche vitrine has got to be one of my favorite french expressions-- literally, it means "window licking" but is the equivalent of the american expression "window shopping." as these last few weeks of winter drag on, doing a bit of window licking is a great morale booster and reminder that printemps is soon on its way. the soldes are finished, making way for bright and inspiring colors. [nevermind that it is snowing in paris and we can't really wear the new stuff in the boutiques....] minty and lime greens, baby and fuschia pinks, khakis and bright whites are all over the place here. pink seems to be making it's comeback for the ump-teenth year in a row, but that's okay-- it feels fresh, once again, and the melody playing alongside it is "april in paris." my advice for beating the winter doldrums? bundle up, put on your most comfortable kitten heels, and hit the pavements for a bit of drooling over the new spring things.

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