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Friday, March 23, 2007

les exclusifs de chanel

don't you just love having something that no one else has? ...our favorite new 'something special from paris' is this-- one of the 6 new 'exclusifs de chanel,' six perfumes that are only available in Chanel boutiques. the six new fragrances-- rue cambon 31, bel respiro, no. 18, eau de cologne, coromandel, and 28 la pausa-- are all named after places and things important to mademoiselle coco herself. they follow in the steps of other famous chanel perfumes such as no. 5, allure, etc., and are issued only in chanel bouiques in order to keep up with the notion that some things, such as a woman's fragrance, should be sacred and special, and not available in every duty free shop or corner sephora. sniff your way to the nearest chanel boutique to check them out....

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