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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

sales-- la fin

this week marks the end of the sales-- august 4th, to be precise. i have to say, i'm not all that impressed this year with the markdowns [or lack thereof!] but maybe it is because i spent a few weeks in the US, and by comparison, everything in paris seems to be rather cher. [quel surprise!] i've been scouting out the end of the end though, just to see if there is anything out there to be had. there still seem to be a few nice items left at comptoir des cotonniers, muji, and gerard darel in the marais as i walked through yesterday-- the catch seems to be that only the large sizes [42+] are left. in st. germain, i spotted sale jewels at nadine delepine and cute frocks at tara jarmon. at des petits hauts on rue keller in the bastille, there are tons of tops left, again in larger sizes.

i also spotted some great little black dresses at- where else-- la petite robe noire, in palais royale. the sample sizes were on sale last time i was in, which means size 38. 200 or 300 euros and a US size 6, and you'll be tres chic with a great LBD from didier ludot.

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