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Sunday, November 04, 2007

taxi bike

i've seen these mini-taxis around town for a while, but in very limited numbers. just found out that the company is called cyclobulle, and these electric bike/taxis are becoming very much the rage in several cities in europe. in paris, the offering is still a bit limited, as the 'taxis' only go in certain areas [between concorde and gare st. lazare and from chateau d'eau and hotel de ville]. they hold 2 people, plus packages [phew!] call to book one up for a quick and eco-friendly ride though town, or check out their site-seeing tour on ile st. louis [1/2 tour for 19 euros].

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RUYI said...

Oh cool! I have never seen those before. I know Urbancab, I think the concept is close to this one.