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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

brocantes in paris

a brocante is basically an outdoor flea market, sort of a cross between a yard sale and a true antique fair. some brocantes are run by associations and only have professional exhibitors, others are just neighborhood sales. in either case, a brocante can be a fun way to get some cool french items. i've picked up old prints, steel silverware molds, vases, pottery, and the like over the years, so it is a fun way to spend a morning. [i find it interesting to see just how different french 'junk' is than american junk!] i'm listing a few upcoming sales below, and you can check this site for more listings. happy hunting!

feb 2-3, brocante on rue gros, paris 13th [metro eglise d'auteuil]
feb 9-10, brocante on rue saint charles, paris 15th [metro charles michel]
feb 16-17, brocanted on boulevard de reuilly, paris 12th [metro daumesnil]
feb 24-25, brocante at place jean lorrain, paris 16th [metro michel ange]

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Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful watercolor you used in your post. Can you tell me the name of the artist?