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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

rebecca on france 24 tv

Here is my homemade video of my interview on France 24 this morning--less that professional quality, I know....but you can also check it out LIVE on France 24's website-- click on LIVE FEED. The show will be rebroadcast via the France 24 site today at 5pm [Paris time], and again tomorrow at 9.30pm, and Friday at 11.30pm.


Unknown said...

I just caught your interview and I want to say bravo! I used to "work" the same beat, but in Hong Kong. I'm glad you were asked about tours during the interview. Yes, some people would consider a personal tour to be pricey, but I feel that it's priceless. I moved to Israel and immediately (my first night) jumped on a "Night life in Tel Aviv" tour. It was worth every shekel, and gave me a real feel for the terrain. Rebecca, the next time I hit Paris, I'm booking at least two tours + can't wait to get your cafe tips.

Aniko said...

Just discovered France 24 and caught part of your interview. It was in French, but I see that the video on your blog is in English. Just curious to know if the show is done in both English and French? In any case, I'm no expert, but your French sounds great!

travel notes said...

Ooo - I will bring my headphones into work and watch this tomorrow!

I've put a post on my blog about your book - including the pic of it in Oxford Street Borders (feel free to use it)

Take care xx