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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

fall fashion forecast

Today, I am speaking at the "Bloom Where You are Planted" seminar here in Paris, a 2-day seminar to help newcomers get adjusted to life in France. This is a great way to learn more about living in Paris, the mysteries of French grocery stores, and, bien sur, Parisian fashion. Using French Elle magazine as a resource, I've compiled a list of the top trends for fall-- see below [and note that in parentheses are shops that carry the item]. Bonne shopping!

Fall 2008 Forecast: Top Accessories*

  • Maxi Scarves: wear them super long, wrapped around your neck a few times, or go for a trendy plaid [Etam, Diab’less, Les Petites]
  • Gum-soled Shoes: rubber/gum soles on boots, booties, even heels are making a comeback [Mellow Yellow, San Marina, Avril Gau]
  • Low Boots: great with the new pleated pants of the season [“carrot pants”], and with cropped pants, pencil skirts with tights [Sandro, Gap, Comptoir des Cotonniers]
  • Oversized/Multipurpose Handbags: look for styles in leather, with multiple handles—long ones for wearing on your shoulder, short for hand-carrying [Sandro, 3 Suisses, Texier]
  • Violet colored accessories: look for simple handbags [Lamarthe, Monoprix]; mix with dark greens or warm chocolate, not with black; focus on accessories, not a total look [shoes by Geox, Monoprix, Camper]
  • Leather Gloves: small, but elegant or longer for a retro-glam look [C&A, 1,2,3, Maison Fabre]
  • Silk Scarves: borrow one from grandmere- it goes great with a trench or a simple sweater & jeans for a casual chic look [Kenzo, Sinequanone, Les Petits]
  • Tango Shoes: wear them with knee-length skirts or dresses, not pants [Jonak, San Marina, Repetto]
  • High Heeled Derbys: a new silhouette, they look like men’s shoes with heels; wear them with any type of pant or skirt [Minelli, San Marina, Guess]
  • Sporty Handbags: big handbags with sporty details, lots of pockets, can be worn everywhere [Naf Naf, Benetton, Kipling]
  • Chain Necklaces: a multitude of different chains, worn layered, for a rich, excessive look; best worn with a simple outfit [Maje, Perles de Noa, Sinequanone]
  • Metal Medallion Belts: worn on top of a twin-set, on a cardigan, on a cocktail dress, or a tweed pant to give it an update [Guess, le Mont Saint Michel, Sinequanone]
  • Rain Boots: to be worn with trendy/girly outfits for the ultimate contrast [C&A, Marni, Bata, Andre]
  • Crocodile Accessories: take a simple outfit, add a croc accessory, et voila! The key is to have only one croc piece- belt, purse, shoes, at a time [Minelli, Andre, Etam]
  • Winter sandals: worn with wool tights in contrasting colors [Unisa, Nine West, Le Mont St Michel]
  • The Minaudiere: classic mini purse, compact and rigid, for evenings out [Benetton, Sinequanone, San Marina]
  • Wool Bonnets: match it with a coordinating scarf, but not with wool gloves! [3 Suisses, H&M, BA&SH]
  • Printed Tights: this look only works with a perfect set of gams, so tread carefully!

*As adapted from French Elle, 15 September 2008: L’Accessoire fait le style!


Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca, the purple suede boots are really adorable. Do you know where they can be purchased?

Rebecca PM said...

The boots pictured are from Shoe Bizz, tél. : 01 48 93 74 44, 175 euros.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Rebecca :-)
Just a question,
what do you think about the H & M Wool Coat quality? Good?
Most of them are made in China.
Thank you so much,
Ana Telles

Rebecca PM said...

H&M coats? In my opinion, they are a great "quick fix" to a wardrobe problem for one season. I wouldn't expect it to last several years, but for one winter, they are fine.

Progressive Lenses said...

Wow - that's a great site. I've never come across it before.