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Friday, March 05, 2010

liberty at merci

i have to say, i am easily seduced by a fun liberty print, and it's not hard to get into flower power when liberty is everywhere these days! it has been pretty "in" in France for the past couple of years, but the British label shows no signs of waning....the lastest stop is a huge installation of the floral print, in all its incarnations, in the concept shop Merci. you'll find adorable kids clothing, mugs, suitcases, home decor, and more, all covered in fleurs. all during the month of march. spring has sprung!

111 blvd beaumarchais, 3rd


Haut marais said...

There's ALWAYS something going at Merci and in the Haut Marais !!

Haut Marais Paris

Anonymous said...
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