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Monday, January 09, 2012

This week: Les Soldes [Sales!]

As I've discussed previously on this blog, the two semi-annual sales periods in France are a big deal.  Loads of things on sale, for about 5 weeks!  Visitors who are lucky enough to be here during this time period can score some great deals [if you are willing to fight the crowds the first few days.]  The sales start this Wednesday, January 11th, so look out for early store openings.

Not here for the soldes? Not to fret.... In recent years, the French government has loosened up the regulations regarding sales, and now stores can run brief 2- week sales and 'de-stocking' promotions outside of the 2 big sales periods.  So keep your eyes out for flashy signs and words like destockage, promotion, etc.  Happy bargain hunting!

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