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Friday, September 16, 2005

chic bust: airfrance airport lounge

so i am a bit obsessed with baby-friendly things at the moment, but i guess that's what happens when you become a new parent.... anyway, baby lucie had her first trip to the US last week. on the way there, we enjoyed the air france business lounge at the de gaulle airport. decent spread of breakfast goodies, nice chairs, etc. overall, not a bad place to wait for your flight. unless you have a cranky baby. who needs to be changed. would there be a baby changing station anywhere nearby? of course not! do they have showers for weary business travellers? sure. would they have something as simple as a foldable changing station that easily mounts on the wall in the bathroom? no! my husband claims that this is because the lounge is really for 'business travellers'-- but i have to say, there were plenty of kids there and babies have to pay to fly too [lucie even has her own frequent flyer card]....


Anonymous said...

We must have passed in the airport. I traveled to Paris and Morocco last week-alone-with my 18 month old. I had to traverse 2 CDG terminals to find the phamacie that sells diapers, so had no time for the lounge. The Delta/AF lounges at Atlanta were positively glaring at me for bring in a baby. He just sat by the window and watched the planes while the majority of clubbers (men) blabbed incessantly on cellphones, but the bartender cringed at giving me milk! The Business Elite lounge at Atlanta is much better than the Club Room, and had a "make up counter" that served well as a changing station. This was Thomas' second trip to France.

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