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Sunday, March 30, 2008

E + 2 = tres chic

last season, fashion team E2 made waves with their customized vintage scarves. they are back at it again this spring, this time with scarf-like tops. each one is made out of a vintage scarf, customized with flowing pieces of fabric. a one-of-a-kind creation is loads sexier than that drab old hermes in your closet, non? around 500 euros, available at colette and by order through E2 at


Big Shot said...

Hi Rebecca,

I will be traveling to Paris (and europe) for the first time mid may for my honeymoon. What kind of handbag should I bring? How conscious do I need to be about pickpockets when choosing my bag? I live in Los Angeles, so I know how to be smart in a big city - however, all the travel boards online go on and on about pickpockets, and I can't find a cute bag that meets all pickpocket proof requirements - zipper closure, crossbody, etc etc etc.

Wondering what your thoughts are -

Rebecca PM said...

I think any bag that has a zipper on it would be fine, as long as you are conscious of the bag and your surroundings. I personally think a backpack is the WORST-- not only is it unsightly, but it is on your back, away from view. I have never had a problem with pickpockets, and have never known anyone who has-- this always seems to get blown out of proportion in guidebooks. So just choose something that is practical, and comfortable, and be aware of your bag at all times.