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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

spring exposition round-up

with so many tempting expos on this spring in paris, i thought it would be best to compile them all are some of the best...
Vlamick, a Fauvist painter, is on display at the Musee du Luxembourg. Combine this wildly colorful and invigorating expo with a stroll through the jardins du Luxembourg to see what spring has sprung this year. (now until july 20th)

if photography is more your thing, be sure to check out the man ray expo at la pinacotheque. this expo on the modernist master of b&w displays works and personal objets from the artist's atelier in paris. (march 5- june 1st)
95-year-old louise bourgeois' work is on display in a huge retrospective at the centre pompidou, featuring over 200 pieces of her work. her infamous sculpture, maman, a giant spider-like sculpture, is on display simultaneously at the jardin des tuilleries, a first in europe. (until june 2)

last but not least, ny punk patti smith shows off another talent at the fondation cartier-- photos, drawings, texts, & collages are on display, inspired by french greats such as arthur rimbaud & jean genet. (march 28 to june 22)

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Anonymous said...

merci beaocoup!
this is going to be very useful - i'll be in paris mid-may and i'm certainly going to see patti smith, man ray and vlamick.