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Monday, March 31, 2008

a british influence on french cuisine?

ok, well, he's not really british, but scottish, and he's not as mean as he appears on t.v., which is probably how gordon ramsay ended up with such a great gig-- running the new resto at the trianon palace in versailles. the restaurant, which sits at the end of the gardens at the versailles palace, will serve up ramsay's famous dishes with a french twist. and the setting is a palace in itself-- the hotel has been redone and appears to be absolutely gorgeous....

soho v. st. germain

catherine malandrino, the french designer who has made a big name in nyc, has created a limited edition scarf for those of us on this side of the atlantic. the bright scarf plays up her love of the two cities-- citing st. germain and soho on the scarf. perfect for those who want to make a statement about the big apple as well as the city of light. available at galeries lafayette for 110 euros.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

E + 2 = tres chic

last season, fashion team E2 made waves with their customized vintage scarves. they are back at it again this spring, this time with scarf-like tops. each one is made out of a vintage scarf, customized with flowing pieces of fabric. a one-of-a-kind creation is loads sexier than that drab old hermes in your closet, non? around 500 euros, available at colette and by order through E2 at

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

hats off to marie mercie

famed hat createur marie mercie is the subject of a tribute starting april 5th at the bon marche. fashionable friends such as nathalie garcon and evelyne bouix sport her creations in photos taken by anne roman. a good lesson in stylish ways to wear a chapeau. [until may 10th]

uber trendy shop opening

trendy brand kitsune opens its first boutique in paris this month, featuring men's and women's collections, some home accessories, and of course, music, which is what the brand is most known for. check it out at 52 rue de richelieu, 1st.

Monday, March 17, 2008

chic & cheap paris souvenir

on my shopping tours, clients often pick up tea towels as souvenirs or little gifts for friends. i think they are great because they are french-made, easy to pack, and have wonderful graphic prints. beauville, one of the big linen brands, has just launched its spring line, which includes the 'paris magic' tea towel, above. much chic-er than an eiffel tower t-shirt, non? available at department stores for 14 euros or online in the US.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

spring exposition round-up

with so many tempting expos on this spring in paris, i thought it would be best to compile them all are some of the best...
Vlamick, a Fauvist painter, is on display at the Musee du Luxembourg. Combine this wildly colorful and invigorating expo with a stroll through the jardins du Luxembourg to see what spring has sprung this year. (now until july 20th)

if photography is more your thing, be sure to check out the man ray expo at la pinacotheque. this expo on the modernist master of b&w displays works and personal objets from the artist's atelier in paris. (march 5- june 1st)
95-year-old louise bourgeois' work is on display in a huge retrospective at the centre pompidou, featuring over 200 pieces of her work. her infamous sculpture, maman, a giant spider-like sculpture, is on display simultaneously at the jardin des tuilleries, a first in europe. (until june 2)

last but not least, ny punk patti smith shows off another talent at the fondation cartier-- photos, drawings, texts, & collages are on display, inspired by french greats such as arthur rimbaud & jean genet. (march 28 to june 22)

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

holy maloles

fresh and fun shoe maker maloles has just launched its first line of bags, with chic lucite-handled styles like anastasia [above] along with more practical oversized shoulder bags. each model corresponds to a theme in the shoe line, this season's inspiration being liberty fabrics, pop, and seventies. available at galeries and bon marche.

huit celebrates 60

lingerie brand huit fetes its 60th birthday and the 40th anniversary of may 68 to re-launch its culte model Titcha [pictured], which sold over 6 million models back in its heyday. want to be a part of the sexual revolution, even if you weren't there? pick up the Titcha bra (45 euros) and panties (29 euros) in black or raspberry to channel your inner French provocateur.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

eiffel tower-ing shoes

anne valerie hash's spring collection includes these lovely heels, inspired by paris' biggest landmark, la tour eiffel. while the idea sounds kitch, the designs are anything but-- the chaussures are graphic, sleek, and shiny, just like the iron lady herself. available at galeries lafayette and l'eclaireur, 465 euros.