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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Trendy Teens in Paris

Over the years, we've had quite a number of teens come on shopping tours.  Some come with very small budgets and big dreams, some come with even bigger dreams of fancy dresses [prom, bat mitzvah, etc], some just hope to see a bit of Parisian style....and I can confidently say that we've left them all as satisfied customers!  Teens who come on a special shopping trip to Paris can be considered a privileged group, to be sure, but we aim to keep our clients of all ages feeling like they've left with a bit of Paris in their bags! There is nothing more exciting than seeing one find the perfect dress- like the young lady above!  If you are coming to Paris with a teen, check out our
Tres Teen tour- it will save you hours of agony trying to figure out where the "cool" shops are for you and your teen.

Chic for Kids! Color your own dress

Wendy spotted this cuteness when out and about the other day....a color your own dress for girls! You color it, wear it, and then you wash it and start again!  The brand, Charabia, also offers t-shirts with the same concept, great for the little artistes in your life.