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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Free Hermes bag!

Ever dreamed of owning your own Hermes Kelly or Hermes Birkin bag?  Well, this is the latest bag from Hermes- and it's free!  Go to the Hermes website, to download your very own Jige bag.  What's the catch?  Just a little DIY- you have to print it and put it together.  Available in 6 models [including one white one to create your very own design], all free, all fun, and certainly collectible.  Trop chic from the makers of bags that can be trop cher!  

Friday, May 18, 2012

A simply classic bag

Sometimes a girl gets sick of all the bells, whistles and logos on a bag.  That's why I love the look of this sleek tote from Un Apres-Midi de Chien.  Simple, smooth leather, with an attached pouch, in a variety of fun summer colors.  Simply chic. Available online or at La Cour, 60 rue Tinquetonne, 2nd.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Sun King's new bag: Louis Quatorze purses

Louis Quatorze [Louis the 14th], a "vintage" [i.e., 1980s] French brand is making a comeback. After gaining a following in Asia, the brand has decided to relaunch itself in France with a line of scarves, bags, gloves, umbrellas....Inspired by the Sun King himself, the bright and fun boutique in the Marais is filled with the wares alongside colorful vintage furniture [also for sale.]

Louis Quatorze
Hôtel Mégret de Sérilly
106, rue Vieille-du-Temple, 4th

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Brunches in Paris

Over the past few years, the concept of brunch has been taken to a whole new level here in Paris.  Parisians spend a good part of their Sunday morning brunching on delictible goodies, in a way that only the French can.  Here is a resume of 5 new brunch hot spots:

The Trendiest:  Le Dome du Marais [pictured]- recently redone by a duo of trendy restraunteurs, this former auction house-turned-restaurant is oh-so-Parisian.  Menu?  Hot drinks, pastries, scrambled eggs [or benedict], salad, fresh fruit.  Or order off menu [salads, burgers].  Time:  12pm-4pm, 25 euros

The Most "Made in USA":  Livingstone NY Steakhouse- US- style steakhouse.  Menu?  Juice, American coffee, pancakes, muffins, popovers, strawberry butter, burgers, bagels & lox.  Time:  12pm-6pm, 24 euros

The Most "Dangerous Liasons":  Hotel Daniel- a boudoir/ hotel setting where one expects to run into the Marquise.    French pastry chef Sebastien Gaudard puts back the Frenchiness in brunch, a forgotten tradition of the 17th century.  Menu?  Finger sandwiches, eggs to order, ham, fresh yogurt, salad, pastries, cakes. Time:  10am- 3pm; 43 euros

The Most "Strickly for Taste":  Alain Milliat- the top-notch specialist of fruit and veg nectars has opened his own tea salon/ juice bar.   Menu?  brunch/ buffet with cakes, compotes, tartes, homemade jams, breads & pastries, cereals & yogurts.  Also cheese plates, omelets, hams.  Time:  11am- 3pm, 28 euros

The Most Seaside:  O restaurant [above]- in order to forget the dreadful Parisian weather, check out this freshly redecorated barge restaurant.  Menu?  Large buffet with Beef bourguignon, cheeses, beef tartar, pastries, salmon, salads, oyster bar, etc.  The Plus?  A clown that looks after the kids while you sun yourself on the terrace.  Time:  12pm- 3pm, 38 euros [15 euros for kids]

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Limoges porcelain in Paris at countryside prices

When I visited my friend Emilie at her country house in Limoges two summers ago, I loved visiting all the cool Limoges factory shops.  [By the way, did you know that Limoges refers to any hard-paste porcelain made in/near Limoges?  It is a common misconception that there is only one exclusive brand, when in fact anything produced in that region can carry the name....]   I picked up interesting pieces [a berry bowl with draining holes for subtly draining your precious berries; a double-spouted sauce pourer, etc.], in the classic white porcelain....and I've always wished I'd gotten more!  

I had remembered spotting a similar place in Paris years ago, and happened upon it this morning.  Porcelains MP Samie has the same sort of stuff- piles and piles of every sort of dish, serving plate, or bowl you can imagine, all produced in their factory in Limoges, all available at very reasonable prices.  

Porcelain MP Samie
45 av General Leclerc, 14th

Balenciaga & Comme des Garcons: new neighbors

I finally got around to checking out the big green caterpillar of a museum, also know as "Les Docks" [or the Cite de la Mode et du Design], the big lime colored squiggly building that floats on the docks of the Seine in the 13th. The space, which is to host artists-in-residence, a few design/ fashion shops, cafes and bars, and an upcoming roof bar, is currently hosting exhibits from the Musee Galliera, while it is under renovation.   A very interesting choice to have both Balenciaga and Comme des Garcons expos next to one another, the contrasts are too many to you'll just have to check it out yourself.  

Les Docks - cité de la Mode et du Design 34 quai d’Austerlitz 75013 Paris
Until October 7, 2012 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Disney!

Hard to believe it, but it was 20 years ago this month that Disneyland Paris opened it's portes.  I still remember all the fuss about it, way back then.  What's new for the big 2-0?  A  new parade [at 5pm every night], a huge new Disney Dreams fireworks show [every night at 9.30pm], and seven new attractions.  What's nice about Disney Paris is that it is small enough to do in one day. [Although, if you are here for just a quick trip, I'm be apt to leave it off the list.]   And bien sur, you can get loads of trinkets with Mickey and the Eiffel Tower.  

Saturday, May 05, 2012

spring stripes

I'm a huge fan of stripes, and have always loved the pattern to pep up your wardrobe.  This season, the classic marieniere t-shirt has brought in its cousins, for a fresh take on fun, colorful stripes.   From top- Dehry dress [146 euros], Naf Naf short stripy dress [49 euros],
and Petit Bateau [70 euros]

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ballroom dancing with an Eiffel Tower View

Just read about this and thought it was so fun.....the Theatre de Chaillot [at Trocadero, over looking the Eiffel Tower], is hosting 3 balls this spring.  The first two have already taken place, but it is not too late to sign up for the last one, the Gershwin ball, May 19th at 10pm.  Sign up online [6 euros] and get ready to boogie to the sounds of Gershwin with over 200 others, led by the Montalvo-Heriveu dance company.   Click here to see a video, and allez, dansez!