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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A visit to Les Puces

Visiting the Saint-Ouen flea market reminds me of Alice falling down the rabbit hole—it starts with a little innocent curiosity and then suddenly everything's a blur of color and shape, nonsense and logic intertwined. It's where the past—and now the future—comes to life. Where else can you find a tablecloth from Paris' Ritz Hotel, a collection of extremely creepy (or very cool) dental equipment, a wooden mannequin's head, a space ship that was designed as the house of the future in 1968, a print of Obama, and chairs for your garden that are as mesmerizing as a handwritten love letter? You're dreaming of the house you'll need to hold all these treasures when suddenly, after taking a few steps past the Marché Biron, you're transported to the year 1964, Habitat's new industrial loft space/vintage paradise filled with carefully-sourced furniture and home wares. Blink again and you're in Paris' high-fashion concept store, l'Eclaireur. Thankfully, there's La Buvette des Tartes Kluger nearby where you can grab a bite, or something to sip, while you make sense of it all. 

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