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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Best Brunches in Paris

Over the past few years, the concept of brunch has been taken to a whole new level here in Paris.  Parisians spend a good part of their Sunday morning brunching on delictible goodies, in a way that only the French can.  Here is a resume of 5 new brunch hot spots:

The Trendiest:  Le Dome du Marais [pictured]- recently redone by a duo of trendy restraunteurs, this former auction house-turned-restaurant is oh-so-Parisian.  Menu?  Hot drinks, pastries, scrambled eggs [or benedict], salad, fresh fruit.  Or order off menu [salads, burgers].  Time:  12pm-4pm, 25 euros

The Most "Made in USA":  Livingstone NY Steakhouse- US- style steakhouse.  Menu?  Juice, American coffee, pancakes, muffins, popovers, strawberry butter, burgers, bagels & lox.  Time:  12pm-6pm, 24 euros

The Most "Dangerous Liasons":  Hotel Daniel- a boudoir/ hotel setting where one expects to run into the Marquise.    French pastry chef Sebastien Gaudard puts back the Frenchiness in brunch, a forgotten tradition of the 17th century.  Menu?  Finger sandwiches, eggs to order, ham, fresh yogurt, salad, pastries, cakes. Time:  10am- 3pm; 43 euros

The Most "Strickly for Taste":  Alain Milliat- the top-notch specialist of fruit and veg nectars has opened his own tea salon/ juice bar.   Menu?  brunch/ buffet with cakes, compotes, tartes, homemade jams, breads & pastries, cereals & yogurts.  Also cheese plates, omelets, hams.  Time:  11am- 3pm, 28 euros

The Most Seaside:  O restaurant [above]- in order to forget the dreadful Parisian weather, check out this freshly redecorated barge restaurant.  Menu?  Large buffet with Beef bourguignon, cheeses, beef tartar, pastries, salmon, salads, oyster bar, etc.  The Plus?  A clown that looks after the kids while you sun yourself on the terrace.  Time:  12pm- 3pm, 38 euros [15 euros for kids]

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