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Sunday, February 24, 2008

af vandevorst show

my first show of the season was that of af vandevorst, which took place at the maison des metallos in the 11th. the champagne flute invite said 8pm, we were seated by 8.30, and by 8.50 the photographers [pictured above] were hooting and hollering 'let's go'-- i was in total agreement, as it was tres chaud in there!
here are a few shots from the show, which featured lots of men's wear inspired layered suits, quilted jackets and skirts, and some cozy wrapped knits, paired with silver platform heels and studded platform boots.

at 9.15pm, the show ended with waiters bringing champagne around
[normale, as the event was undersigned by piper heidsieck]-- enfin!

a short video of the show in action

and our take home treat-- a 'delicious' box of chocolates with af's logo on them. if the duo doesn't woo the fashion scene with its fall-winter collection, maybe the champagne and chocolates will do the trick?

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