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Friday, February 15, 2008

antiques diva divulges hermes secrets

thought you hermes fans out there might read this-- a friend's blog post about hermes tips and more., including some of my own advice. check out the antiques diva's hermes primer!

ps- i was just at the le monde du voyage shop at the puces de st. ouen on sunday, feb. 17th-- they have several models of birkins and kellys in stock starting at about 4500 euros and going up. [some are in pristine condition-- meaning that you get a birkin without the year plus wait that you would have at the shop!] plus, the shop will accept payment by wire transfer and will fedex the merch....

pps--another top tip? it is easy to get confused by the two most popular styles, the kelly and the birkin. the kelly has one handle and is usually smaller, and the birkin has two handles plus a 'guide' for the belt/strap that goes around it [pictured above.]

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Stephanie said...

After researching this topic a bit on the net I found the following which could be of interest to anyone ready to make that purchase "aux puces"
Part of the price of all Hermes bags is the privilege to bring any
authentic Hermes bag into any boutique to be sent to Paris for a "spa
treatment". At a cost of several hundred dollars, any bag, no matter
how old or abused, will be brought back to the best condition
"Shooting Star" birkins have such a blind (colorless) stamp adjacent
to the "Hermes, Paris Made in France" stamp. They are Birkins or other
Hermes bags which craftsmen are permitted to make, a limit of one per
year, for personal use or personal gifts. They are not meant for
resale in any capacity whatsoever, not eligible for "spa" treatments,
and any "Shooting Star" Birkin brought to the attention of Hermes is
reported to result in serious attention to the craftsman whose stamp
appears on the bag.