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Friday, February 29, 2008

fashion week summary

dear csp readers,
as fashion week in paris comes to a close, i thought i'd share some of my "deep thoughts" about fashion week, jotted down while waiting for the various shows to start:

  • the hardest job in this business is had by the photographers. they get there early, lug tons of equipment, stack on top of each other to get the best angle [this is clearly not a job for those who suffer from claustrophobias], and are generally treated as dirt by the fashionistas, although it is these guys [and girls] who get the best shots for the mags.
  • does france need a model law against overly thin models, like in italy? i wonder how some of these girls can actually walk-- and they could all use a sandwich, as my friend caroline would say
  • the biggest fashion show accessory? cute kids in tow
  • international language of fashion is english, even when in paris
  • can't make it? fake it! if you can't get yourself an invite, fake it, and book lunch at a cafe where there are sure to be fashion editors and models hanging out. try the cafe marly or le saut au loup, both near the louvre [where many shows are held] or even one of the posh hotels
  • everyone has a noticeable bag...maybe it's an old chloe, a vintage birkin, a manbag [even man purses!], the coveted latest from YSL, or a simple tote from marc j., but you must have a bag. or none at all...but this still doesn't give you the right to dress like crap [see below]
  • having an It bag does not give you the right to wear tennis shoes, however, if you wear a fur, you can get away with jeans
  • in a sea of black, where brights to stand out. i spotted cherry red coats with oversized hoods, an enormous fuschia faux fur [on a man], neon pink patent platforms, and more
  • if you are thin and belle, you can wear the craziest outfits and people will think you are cool; and if you are not, attitude is everything

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Stephanie said...

France needs to follow in the footsteps of Spain and Italy banning overly-thin models!