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Thursday, February 07, 2008

valentine's day hints

oh, wouldn't it be nice if all men just spontaneously got great gift ideas for valentine's day? well, in case you aren't living that dream either, why not forward this blog post to the homme in your life? and monsieurs, here are a few hints....petals of love ring in white and yellow gold, with petals that turn. 1900 euros from tess v.
cartier's love bracelet (3200 e), which was made famous in the 1970s. you have to screw it on, with a mini screwdriver, so your love reminder never leaves your wrist. also available as a ring, a pendant, a huge cuff, etc.

this last little number is a mother of pearl charm on a bracelet, from petits tresors, starting 39 euros. sweet and dainty, and the price is so reasonably, you wouldn't feel guilty going to that three star michelin resto...

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