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Friday, October 28, 2005

chic bust: returns at monoprix

ok, so i frequent my monoprix on an almost daily basis-- i mean, 3 times a week, minimum. most of the cashiers know me by now, and even watched me go through my pregnancy and no know baby lucie. anyway, a few weeks ago i had purchased a storage bag to stash away a bunch of baby clothes. as soon as i tried to zip it up, the zipper broke-- basically, it looked nice, but was a piece of crap. so i finally got around to taking it back today, receipt and all. had to wait in line, then had to wait for a manager that i'd never seen before to do the return. she frowned at the date on the ticket, then opened up the storage bag to see what i'd done with it. i had explained the situation, the faulty product. she didn't seem to believe me, and even had the nerve to say to her colleague that she thought that 'madame had tried to put too much stuff inside the bag before zipping it up,' not caring that i was standing right in front of her. she then proceeded to give me the refund, not at all pleasant about it.

what i want to know is this: since when do workers at monoprix get personally offended about the quality of the merchandise? i mean, really, did she make the darn thing herself? will she loose money on it? non, non, et non!

and the best part is that they have a new ad campaign that promises to make your experience more comfortable, more sincere, more friendly. hah!