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Friday, December 16, 2005

chic bust: galeries lafayette return policy

to be fair, galeries lafayette does try to go the extra mile to welcome foreigners/tourists to its shops-- with welcome staff that speak multiple languages, 10% discount cards for tourists, etc. however, i had to have a laugh at their return policy, spelled out in detail in their big christmas catalog. the page i am referring to is titled "le client est roi" [the client is king], which would make one think that they are adopting the american customer service attitute.....but this is one of the listings:

Remboursement de la Difference: Si vous trouvez moins chers ailleurs, avec la meme offre de services, nous vous remboursons la difference, dans un delai de 30 jours, sur presentation du justificatif d'achat.

We will reimburse the difference: If you find it cheaper elsewhere, with the same offer of services, we will reimburse the difference within 30 days, with proof of purchase.

on first read, it sounds dandy and fair. but read closer-- the second part of the sentence, reading "...with the same offer of service...," sounds a bit ambiguous to me. and probably one of those french things where they would rather argue over the subtlties of their return policy for hours rather than give you your money back....

anyone out there actually tried to use this policy? let us know....