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Sunday, February 19, 2006

atelier des chefs

chic shopping paris discussed this hip, new cooking school in our chic beat newsletter months ago, but since then, atelier des chefs has continued to expand. now you can take cooking classes after you have shopped-until-you-drop at the printemps nation location, at galeries lafayette's main store, and at the atelier's own location. so far, it appears that the courses are in french only-- their site used to list english classes as well, but that no longer seems to be listed on their site. [we have contacted them to find out more....] what they do offer is quick, inexpensive cooking classes with a variety of themes.. sign up for a "60' chrono" lunchtime course, cook your meal and eat it, all in under a hour. yum.

update-- the response from atelier des chefs re: classes in english:
We used to offer classes in English but foreign people didn't want them because they wanted to have classes in French as they were in France. So for the moment, we haven't planed to organize again classes in English. But people who do not understand everything in French really can be students here. You should come and try once, to see.