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Sunday, December 03, 2006

shopping the sales like a pro

6 Tips for Doing the Sales from a Chic Shopper:

1. Hold a stake out: Visit the store before the sale starts, see how many of your beloved item is still in stock, and try to get some information from the vendeuse about its sale price.

2. Avoid the first day: The stores are packed with people and while marathon shopping can be a great sport, shopping the sales on the first day is bound to leave you frustrated.

3. Shop with a friend: She’ll talk you out of that pair of neon green cowboy boots, even if they are 75% off. And you can divide and conquer more territory.

4. Get out of bed: Go first thing in the morning (except on the first day!) to avoid lines or look for special opening hours during the evenings or on weekends.

5. Dress for success: If shopping for clothing, wear layers and clothing that is simple to remove to facilitate trying on.

6. Shop well-armed: Bring multiple forms of payment—credit cards and cash—just in case.