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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the beret is back

as seen in many a fall magazine, the quintessential french hat, the beret, is back for fall. check out models from sinequanone, lacoste, or vuitton [pictured] if you are visiting paris, or check out this great website i just found,, which stocks berets from around the world.


Anonymous said...

J'adore le beret and pleased to hear it's back on the chic list. I'm sure I was Parisienne in my previous life but here I am in Sydney, Australia. No complaints because Sydney is a great place to live but I love Paris.

Anonymous said...

funny...i was going through my moving boxes and came across 2 berets my mom and dad bought me from Paris when I was 8 yrs. old. i never wore them until last week... at 27 years of age. I guess I have always had a sixth sense for what's in style (trendy now...I hate the word trendy...BUT). coincidences are weird and enlightening.