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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

introducing self-guided tours

chic shopping paris introduces our new personalized self-guided tours....for those of you who'd rather set off on your own shopping adventure, at your own pace, whenever it suits your fancy.

how does it work?
we'll get details from you on your budget, style, shopping desires, knowledge of paris, etc., and then we'll map out a half day itinerary for you, and just for you, along with a detailed map. set off on your own to discover some of paris' most unique shops, shopping at your own pace: do a few shops one day, a few another, or shop 'til you drop!

the best part is that we are not a travel agent with yesterday's news-- you'll get an insiders look at shopping in the city of light, from someone who really lives here, and knows the chic-est shopping spots.

what does it cost?
a half day personalized self-guided tour starts at 100 euros-- rates vary according to the complexity of the tour required and the length. we'd suggest about four hours for a good shopping spree, but if you'd like the whole day mapped out, we can do that too!

email us to find out more details. happy shopping!

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