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Monday, March 08, 2010

chic by candlelight

If you are looking for an unusual [and longlasting!] souvenir, and don't already have overweight luggage, check out the gigantic candle by Cire Trudon. Weighing in at 2.8kg [that's over 6 lbs!], the famous candlemaker's luxe candle is adorned with the Trudon coat of arms, and comes in five scents: Roi Soleil, Abdel Kader, Odalisque, Spritius Sancti, and Ernesto. The best part? The long life of this candle is over 400 hours. Vive la bougie!

Cire Trudon
78 rue de Seine, 6th


Unknown said...

Nice Blogs. Keep it up.

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Anonymous said...

thats a unique candle indeed, and looks so pretty! (tho i'd kill anyone who lites it)

hop on hop off Paris bus

Liza said...

Cire Trudon...timeless, beautifully scented, and always in fashion