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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Best Ice Cream in Paris

It's finally warm enough here [at least for today!] to warrant going out for a I thought I'd put out a list of the chic-est spots to get a cornet [cone] in the capital

Pierre Herme- famous pasty chef that turns out intriguing flavors, such as La Milena [fresh mint ice cream and red fruits sorbet, together] or try the Gla'Gla collection- ice cream sandwiched between to macarons.  Yum!  (Available by the pot- 140 ml for 6.60euros)

Mini Palais Bar a Glaces- the Mini Palais [aka the restaurant the runs out of the back of the Grand Palais museum] has opened an ice cream bar for the summer on its lovely terrace.  Around 20 flavors of sorbet and another 20 of ice cream, the menu combines classics and unusual flavors as well.  [Lemon-thyme, anyone?]  (3euros a scoop, in a cup or cone.)

Hugo & Victor- another famed pasty shop that has come up with some delightful glaces for summer.  Eat in it the carton, get a big carton to share, or try their original take on an ice cream cake, ice cream served with a financier crust.  [Pictured above, the lemon cheese cake ice cream sensation.]  (5.50 euros for an individual pot, 6 euros for a slice of cake.)

Martine Lambert- originally from Deauville, the tea shop in Paris now has quite a following as well.  They pride themselves on quality ingredients, with sorbets made of a whopping 70% of fresh fruit.  Unusual flavors [China nights- Szechuan Peppercorns and chocolate truffles or Gingerbread and candied peel of lime] and classics round out the list.  (Around 3 euros a scoop.)

Berthillon- the Parisian classic, all the others owe their start to the great, quality glace that comes from Berthillon.  Fresh pasturized milk delivered each morning to make their concoctions, on site.  Note- they are closed Monday & Tuesday, so make sure you take a visit to Ile St Louis on another day!

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