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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chic Treats: 3 New Pastries to Try in Paris

If you've been to Paris before, you've most likely had macarons.  Laduree macarons on your first visit, perhaps venturing to Pierre Herme or Sadaharu Aoki to try more unusual flavors if you are a foodie or a frequent visitor.  Now that cupcakes have hit Paris and macarons have hit New York, and the taste buds are hankering for something are a few ideas for your next visit.  Bon appetit!

Les Choux, from Popelini
  These little puff pastry balls are filled with creme in different flavors- from classics like dark chocolate and salted caramel- to funky flavors like raspberry & rose.
Nine flavors on tap daily, so you might need to try a few to find your favorite.
A box of un peu [a few, or 1/2 dozen] runs 11 euros.
Popelini, 29 rue Debelleyme, 3rd and 44 rue des Martyrs, 9th

La Fabrique:  Cookies
It's always hard for me, as an American, to admit that the French might take something we are known for, and do it, well, better....but you'll have to be the judge of this one on your own.  La Fabrique specializes only in cookies, with a French twist.  A rotating 17 different specialties focusing on traditional Frenchy ingredients [like the calission d'Aix en Provence filled cookies, pictured above]- these are not your mama's cookies.   12 euros for 8 cookies
La Fabrique, 47 rue des Martyrs, 9th
l'Atelier de l'eclair and l'Eclair de Genie
L'Atelier de l'eclair has serves up mini, normal or giant eclairs, depending on your appetite.  Also available in savory flavors, such as chorizo and sun-dried tomato or fois gras- you can make a lunch out of pastry.  L'Eclair de Genie offers even more twisted flavors- rose bonbon, chocolate/mango/banana- alongside gorgeous chocolate truffles in a hip, Marais location.
L'Atelier de l'eclair, 16 rue Bauchaumont, 2nd
L'Eclair de Genie, 14 rue Pavee, 4th

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