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Friday, November 30, 2007

close the door, s'il vous plait!

it happened again today-- i walked into a neighborhood boutique to be welcomed by sweltering heat [it is 50F here, so hardly sweltering!], with the doors of the boutique wide open. --so very unpleasant!

last week, i was in a chic boutique in st. germain with clients, the door again wide open and air blowing straight into the changing rooms. my client was freezing, i asked if they could close the door. the sales woman's response? they could not close it, as they were required by management to keep it open to make the shop feel more 'welcoming'. seems to me that this is:
1. a HUGE waste of electricity [which is already quite cher here in france], and
2. not very eco-friendly

there are many other ways to make customers feel welcome-- how about a sign like the above, or, gasp!, a friendly smile when you walk in the door? fermez la porte and maybe you wouldn't have to crank the heat so high.

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