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Friday, November 16, 2007

so NOT chic: the strikes in paris

just a little comment on the strikes, which have lasted WAY too long now.....without getting too politicial, a few observations:
--dear postman: don't you think it is just a little tacky to leave a note in my lobby, saying you'll be buy to sell me a calendar [and ask for a tip] during the same time when you are actually not working and the post office is on strike? i think "mademoiselle manners" would agree with me on this one....
--remember the campaign, "don't you wish everyone used dial [soap]"? maybe someone should use this one in france, especially in the overcrowded metros [see above photo]
--i seems somehow ironic, but the french actually seem to be MORE friendly when on strike-- those who aren't on strike, that is, seem to be chattier. i have had more conversations on the bus/metro/street today with strangers than in my 5+ years living here. more smiles too. misery loves company, eh? or maybe it is just that it is all so inconvienient, there is nothing else to do but laugh!
--and last but not least, when you've had to cross half the city by foot because all other means of transportation are overcrowded, stop and buy yourself a fresh baguette and a good bottle of wine. it does wonders for the soul and makes you remember why you love france.....

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Anonymous said... I miss paris! Hope all is well!