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Monday, September 17, 2012

bring some home: amazing jams

I've always considered luxurious pots of interesting jams or mustards to make amazing little gifts- what more could one want than a taste of France?  [To make the gift extra special, pair it with a little spoon from Sabre or a vintage silver one from Les Puces.]  Here are a few nouveautes for fall:
Henri le Roux makes amzing flavors like Pomme Tatin [apple tart with salted carmel], Fraise Poivree [peppered strawberry] and ginger orange.  Beware- this shop is also filled with chocolate goodies!  

I've always had a soft spot for these Bonne Maman minis.  Why not serve them individually for your next brunch [or your little girls tea party].  Trop mignon!

Boissier will woo you with their label and then with their flavors.  White chocolate- mango, anyone?  Or maybe dark chocolate- raspberry, which is a definite upgrade from Nutella.

Bonne Maman
available at Monoprix all over Paris

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