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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

fall trends: the jacket

This fall, once again, it's all about the jacket.  Fall is a great time of year to get them out- put a few layers under it if it's cool, or just a simple t if not.  Add some great fitting jeans and ballerina flats and you are good to go nearly anywhere in Paris.  Upgrade to heels and you are ready for evening.  Thought I'd give you a brief lesson on French jacket names and styles, as the style names are so different [i.e., Franglicized versions of our names!].

Above:  Le Smoking [French for tuxedo, or just the jacket in this case]; the one pictured above is from chain shop Mango

Veste boucle:  this is a Chanel tweed knock-off style, and in this case knock-offs are okay!  A classic wardrobe staple; this one is also by Mango

Le Spencer:  I have no idea why this is called a Spencer, but it consists of a jacket with tails in the front.  This cute tweedy version is from Sineanquanone

Le Perfecto:   Love this name for our motorcycle jacket.  This one, in amazing red leather, comes from Paul & Joe Sister.

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